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Bangladesh to soon have a locally made IM app


He was speaking at the inauguration of a training workshop for journalists at BMA auditorium in the capital on Thursday.

“The ICT Division has started work on an app which is going to be much like WhatsApp and Viber. Everyone in Bangladesh can use the app”, he said.

He also informed that the beta version of the app has already been developed by a Bangladesh-based organisation.

He hoped that the final version would soon be placed before the prime minister.

Once operational, the app is touted as a boon for government employees who can use it to transfer files and conduct video conferences easily and economically.

The junior minister also said that work is on full throttle to lay optic cables to provide high-speed internet access to the people.

The training for journalists was a ICT Division initiative under the Leaning and Earning Development Project.

About 2,000 journalists of various parts of the country will be given training under the project.

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