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Four Bangladeshi children missing for a year returns home from India


‘Masuma’ of Pirojpur, Abdul Alim of Natore, and ‘Shubho’ and ‘Sumon’ of Dhaka were sent back to home on Thursday by My Home India.

The organisation works for the development of India’s north-eastern region and rehabilitation of child workers.

“It’s a matter of great pride for My Home India to reunite the children across the border,” said its General Secretary Vinay Pandey.

Every year, Delhi finds a large number of missing children. They are often victims of ill treatment and harassment. Without any support systems, they end up in various hazardous occupations or do petty jobs to survive.

The three boys and a girl from Bangladesh were found in Delhi last year.

“One of them was lost while travelling with his parents in Delhi. In case of the missing girl child, parental abuse had forced her to leave her home. These children were staying in children homes in Delhi run by the Delhi government,” said Sunil Deodhar, founder of My Home India.

My Home India coordinators accompanied the children up to the Bangladesh Border, where they were handed over to the authorities of the neighbouring country.

In the past three years, the organisation has succeeded in reuniting over 1,100 missing children with their parents.

“In case of Bangladeshi children, it’s really a matter of concern! They come to India for one reason or another and become untraceable,” said a senior government official handling such cases.

Reports suggest, on average nearly 100,000 children go missing in India each year. About 55 percent of them are girls.

Almost 45 percent of all missing children have remained untraced, raising fears of them having been either killed or pushed into begging or prostitution.

According to the National Crime records Bureau (NCRB), Maharashtra is one of the worst states in terms of missing children with over 50,000 having disappeared in the past four years.

Madhya Pradesh, Delhi and Andhra Pradesh are distant competitors, recording less than 25,000 missing children for the period.

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