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Don’t give these worst foods to your children at dinner

Don’t give these worst foods to your children at dinner. Comparing fast and nutritious dinners can be a difficult task each day. it’s easy to cave and get fast food or eating meals that cater to picky eaters and work in a pinch. if you are 10 on healthy dinners to stay away from. Number 1, Tuna Casserole! tuna casserole is a classic weeknight meal. it sounds healthy but excess cheese and butter in this dish make it go from healthy to indulge in. make cheese sauce with skim milk and light cheese and make sure you have a variety of vegetables.
worst foods at dinner to your children

Number 2, Frozen Dinners! frozen dinners are easy time saving meals. but they are full of salt. make your own frozen meals and portion of pre-cooked food like chili, soup or stew. let these meals the overnight or microwave them for a fast but healthier option. Number 3, Chicken Nuggets! chicken nuggets are fun and loved by most kids. however These tasty foods are made from the off cuts of chicken. instead get chicken tenders they’re made of higher quality meat. to keep an eye on your kids are having too much dipping sauce. Number 4, Fettuccine Alfredo! fettuccine alfredo that delicious meal but extremely unhealthy. the creamy sauce is packed with fat and calories. to make a healthy pasta dish go for a hearty tomato sauce, with whole wheat, pasta for more vegetables and fiber. Number 5, Fish fingers! fish fingers are a popular and enticing way to get kids to eat fish. however this food has two little fish and way too much credit. try pan-frying a mild fish like tilapia instead. Number 6, Grilled Cheese! grilled cheese the fatty nightmare for dinner. white bread and processed cheese are no good. make it healthy by changing the filling add cold cuts or sliced chicken breast. go easy on the cheese and cheese whole wheat bread. Number 7, Fast Food! fast food is an unhealthy choice. while kids May beg for it you won’t be providing a truly nutritious meal. fast food is high in calories fat and salt. if you’re in a rush try making a slow cooker meal. in the morning to have dinner ready when you get home. Number 8, Delivery Pizza! delivery pizza is packed with calories and fat. try making your own pizza instead using pita bread or English muffins as the crust. homemade pizzas fun. kids can talk their own pizza. and you can sneak in some extra vegetables like peppers and mushrooms and tomatoes.
Number 9, Hot dogs! hot dogs are a childhood favorite. however they can contain high levels of nitrate which is preservatives. and instead go for sausages that are not pre-cooked, and are nitrate-free. Number 10, Fried Chicken! fried chicken is a popular dish for take-out dinners. the breading around the chicken is full of fat and oil though. bake some chicken from home to keep the crunch without the fat.

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