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What is carbohydrates in food, learn about it

What is carbohydrates in food, learn about it. Today we’re looking at carbohydrates. what are they? well let’s find out. so science Tyler come in. alright so carbohydrates there a biological molecule made up of carbon hydrogen and oxygen. and usually looks something like this. so that basically makes up a group of sugars starches and cellulose. that are known as saccharides. when it comes to food Sciences carbohydrates looks just call them carbs, basically full of glucose in the body gets energy from. you get both simple and complex carbohydrates. that’s important to remember. so simple carbs quickly turn into glucose in your blood stream.


so a spoonful of refined sugar will throw off your bodies blood sugar levels. you get a sugar high and then you’ll crash. generally you’ll want to avoid added sugars to the food to take and. maybe you’ve heard of the phrase empty calories. so what does that mean but basically that’s referring to carbs with too much added sugar, is this is starting to make sense right? simple carbohydrates are sounding so good. so let’s talk about complex carbs. complex carbs come from plant-based food. it’s more complex in the sense that you got a more complex molecular structure. and the body takes longer to get around to breaking things down. you’re still getting sugar at the end of the day but it’s taking longer. because it’s from a more complex source that contains other beneficial nutritious elements. we’re talking about more starchy foods with more Fiber, pasta, whole, grain, bread, potatoes, rice and others like that. in fact there’s a great little way of thinking about this stuff on the Spectrum. it’s called the glycemic index, or abbreviated as GI. it basically measures how quickly glucose or sugar levels rise in the blood after eating certain foods.

Ohio GI level means more simple carbs vs. complex carbs produce a lower GI score. should be right around 10 on the glycemic index, of white bread right around 74 71. so odds are important but you need to eat the right kind carbs make up a chunk of the energy you need. you want most of your cards to be complex carbohydrates if you eat too much the consequence pretty simple. waking let’s do a dinner plate division to help understand. you got a plate in front of you it’s not a bad idea to think of it like a pie, take one quarter and put some high-protein stuff on it, take another quarter of that place and put some high carb content on it rice potatoes whatever. on the other house and put some fresh vegetables on there that’s about 25%, protein 25%, carbs 50% fresh vegetables you can’t go wrong.

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