The weirdest thing I have ever tried during sex

Have you ever tried smearing your partner’s butt with chocolate sauce and then licking it off? No? Well, others might have! Everybody has their own sexual fantasies and of course, there is no limit to experimentation. Here are some of the bizarre things people have tried out during sex, and you never know, you might find them worth a try.

“Me and my wife love experimenting in our sexual life and once we role-played as Joker and Harley Quinn. It was definitely weird but fun. We literally went berserk and even recited the dialogues of Suicide Squad.” Abhishek Gupta, 32

“This is surely eerie. I feel like abusing my partner when I am high and have even done it a few times in the past. Once, I even slapped him while having sex and he got offended.” Anjali Behl, 29

“Once my husband asked me to lick his hairy armpits and I actually did it. I felt awkward and disgusted once our session was over, thinking about all the stink, sweat and germs in that area.” Kriti Bansal, 33

“We had drunk sex in the afternoon and woke up the next morning. I was feeling little uncomfortable down there but had no idea why. When I went to the washroom, I realised that the condom got stuck in my vagina and was hanging there since more than 16 hours.” S. Pallavi, 25

“It was a sudden plan and we forgot to shut the doors. While we were in the middle of the act, I saw my pet dog- Tyson staring and sniffing at us. Though, we tried to shrug him off but he looked pretty curious. We did not stop having sex and he witnessed it all. Now, we just hope that the episode has vanished from his memory.”

“We once filmed our sack session and watched it after a few days. It was kind of a learning guide for us- to understand each other’s preferences, and see what works for both of us. But apart from all this, it was a little embarrassing to observe each other this minutely and pin-point things.” Ronika Dutt, 26

“My boyfriend once poured almost a bottle of nutella on my bust and stomach area, and kept licking it for next 15 minutes. It was unexpected and looked unhygienic at the first look, but I took only a few seconds to realise that it’s the best thing we have ever tried.” Ishita Sharda, 27