Sex positions you most likely haven’t heard about

If you are bored of trying the regular sex positions, then you are in the right place. We have found some amazing and unique sex positions that you probably have never tried before, and are guaranteed to amp up your sex life. They may take a little time to master but will reinvent the way you make love. Here, have a look.


The guy sits cross-legged and the girl sits in his lap with her arms and legs wrapped around him. The guy starts to move slowly, and it may take a few minutes to strike the rhythm. The position offers a lot of intimacy and deep penetration. Plus, you can make it steamier by whispering some sweet nothings in your partner’s ear.

Standing- doggie style

As the name suggests, both of you stand in this position. Next, the girl spreads her legs, bends towards the ground and the guy enters her from behind. Apart from deep penetration, this position offers a great view to the guy and tests the girl’s flexibility.

Crab walk

Here, both of you sit back, facing each other and supporting yourself with arms. Next, the girl moves closer to the guy and places her legs on his shoulder. Here, either the guy or you both thrust equally.

Dirty laundry

This one is pretty simple but super erotic. The girl sits on the machine top and the guy enters her from the front. For better grip and deeper penetration, the girl wraps her leg around him, and the next step is to switch on the machine. Oh, hallelujah!

Three-legged dog

Here, you both stand facing each other, and the girl wraps one of her legs over his waist. Next, try getting as close to each other as possible, and then, the guy enters her. This pose tests your balancing skills, and you can try standing against the wall for some support.

The Proposal

Here, the guy kneels down on his one knee, like he’s going to propose. The girl approaches him on both of her knees and lets him enter her. This position offers a lot of eye contact, intimacy and you both can even keep kissing while doing it